About Us

Our love for Cavalier King Charles Spaniels began over eight years ago when one evening we found a Cavalier who had strayed from his home. After an overnight stay with us we found and returned him to his owner, but our hearts were captured by the large persuasive eyes and the unconditional loving personality. They are truly lap dogs.

Since that time our family has grown with six of these beauties - 1 male Blenheim and 5 females - 2 Blenheim, 1 Tri Color, 1 Ruby, and 1 Black with Tan Tipping. These are the four colors available in the Cavalier color palate. All of our Cavaliers are from Champion bloodlines and AKC Registered.

Our Cavaliers are our “babies” who live in our home. Our puppy nursery is set up in a bedroom of this home. When we have a litter of puppies they are born and raised in the “puppy bedroom nursery” with their doggie mama. These babies become a part of our family until they leave us to go to their forever homes. They leave us vet checked, 1st puppy shot, and dewormed. They are also accompanied with their own “Puppy Diary” that gives all the information on their first six weeks of life including pictures of their progress. These puppies are raised with loving human care and social interaction with our other Cavaliers. Most puppies are ready to leave us between 7 and 8 weeks of age and can fly to their new homes at 8 weeks of age(minimum age to fly on most airlines).

Dogs have been a lifelong passion for us and we love each and every puppy our beautiful Cavaliers present to us. It is very hard to say goodbye to these puppies when they leave us going to their forever homes but, when we receive pictures of them with their new families, we know we are providing another family with the same kind of Cavalier love we have discovered. These beauties will truly awaken your soul and steal a piece of your heart you never knew you had.




Check out our Puppy Nursery:
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