Here are some of our Testimonials.

" We were so warmly invited into the Dudley's home and witnessed first hand the love they share with their Cavaliers.
In return, the joy they receive from them was evident. We are so blessed to have added Chip
to our family. He truly is the best dog ever! Thank you!!"

The Kintner Family

" Pepe Bruce is a true lover. He is gentle and a snuggle fan. He came crate trained and house broke quickly. He loves our girls 8 and 7 and
very patient and tolerant of younger children. He adapted well with our other dog a corgi mix."

" We got our Cavalier from Marlene' and have been very happy with our puppy. Marlene' has been
accessible to us as first time dog owners with any questions."

" We love Cooper very much. My family is crazy about him. He is such a sweet boy!"

" My name is Stephanie. We absolutely love our Cavalier King Charles spaniel. She is very playful and loving. Just wants to be with us and play most of the time. Marlene  Dudley is an excellent breeder. She put together information about Mia in a nice book before we picked her up. It was a great experience buying a Cavalier King Charles spaniel from Marlene. This was my daughter's first pet. She made it very special for my daughter as we picked up Mia."

" Marlene and her husband opened up their home several times to us while we were waiting the arrival of our puppy, and we couldn't be more pleased! They were very knowledgeable of the breed and anytime I call about a question she has the answer. So thankful we found them. It was a wonderful experience!"

"Theodore is really turning into his personality and is so sweet and cuddly. He always wants to be with someone.
He is a smart little guy. We love him so much.   - Renee"

"We picked up Maxime at the airport in October 2016. She was born august 2nd and cared for at Rainbow Bridge Cavaliers. Every thing was done very professionally. The owners took a really good care of Max; she was in great shape. She's a very sweet little girl and has a great personality. She's also very playful, warm and loving. I would definitely recommend the Breeders based on our experience.   Regards, Marilyn"

" So happy for the path that you started on four years ago. Cooper Kane has only been with us for little over a week and is a bundle of love!!  He is so smart and so sweet! Great addition to our family"

Sarah D

"Oliver and Eleanor, Ollie and Ellie, are total love sponges! They play together, sleep together, socialize well with other dogs, kids, and our
cat, and have been amazing additions to our family. We got our pups from Marlene, where we were showered with hospitality and Cavaliers
kisses. Marlene continues to be helpful with questions; I am so thankful she provided us with amazing puppies! Their cuteness and lovable
personalities make them the center of attention where ever they go!"  - Tori P.

" I am writing as a new owner of a puppy from Rainbow Bridges. Our new puppy Bijou is absolutely precious. Marlene and Will did a wonderful job preparing our new puppy to come home with us. They provided a book with pictures and instructions for the best care of Bijou, a toy she loves, fresh food and water for her road trip to our home, and wonderful support as she made the transition to her new home. Bijou is a Cavalier King Charles spaniel's and she is sweet, loving, healthy, playful, and totally charming.  We are so grateful for the extraordinary care given to our puppy before coming home. We love our healthy and beautiful new pet.  With gratitude Catherine and Doug."

" Well we have had a busy weekend after welcoming our little Christmas Angel Annabelle Grace to the household and pack. She has stolen our love and our hearts!! Thank you
Rainbow Bridge Cavaliers Will and Marlene Dudley for our gorgeous little Black and Tan Cavalier baby! It's going to be a fun winter!  - Karen"

" Could not have picked a better place to get my cavalier, wonderful people who have a passion for cavaliers. Watson has fit
right in with my other two. I would 100% recommend Rainbow Bridge Cavaliers to anyone!  - Kimbra"

" We adore our Rainbow Bridge Cavalier puppy! Everyone that meets him falls in love.  He has the sweetest personality and loves nothing better than to cuddle.
Marlene was fantastic to work with. She was so patient with our many questions about puppy care.
  - Kathy M."

" I couldn’t have picked a better family to get my puppy, Watson from. He is sweet, playful, and friendly. The first time I took him to the vet after adopting him, they commented on how they could tell he came from a great home, was well taken care of, and healthy. The Dudley’s treat their dogs and puppies like members of their family with the upmost care. We are so lucky to have Watson in our lives!"

Lauren G.

" I have a male from Marlene. I was impressed with the way she cares for the puppies.
They are in her home, hands on and loved."

Salina H.

" I want to share my experience with working with Rainbow Bridge Cavaliers (Breeders: Marlene and Will Dudley). On Jan. 5, 2019, the Dudleys (Santa's helpers to my 7 year old daughter) delievered her ruby cavalier she named Boomer (short for Boomer Sooner - OU Fans). The overall experience working with the Dudley's was absolutley amazing. Information was shared consistently and timely. In fact, the Dudley's met us in St. Louis to complete the exchange and transaction. They provided a detailed puppy book which included comments regarding Boomer from the time he was born (date/time of birth, weight at birth and weeks beyond and general observation about Boomer). They provided certified pedigree information about his parents, litter certificates and AKC information for registration. In addition, pictures of Boomer at birth and weekly until delievered to us. An absolutley amazing experience."

Lusha B.

" We adopted our lil joy from Rainbow Bridge on Dec. 22, 2018. He has been a wonderful addition and surprises us daily with how smart he is. He brings us joy each day and follows our instructions well. We couldn't have asked for a better family member than Buster. Will & Marlene Dudley brought us great happiness by giving us our Buster Brown. Our lives are changed forever, thanks so much!!"

JoAnna H.

" Adopting a puppy from Rainbow Bridge Cavaliers has been an awesome experience. From the time we put Champ in our car, he has had an excellent adjustment. Marlene gave us a puppy book with pictures and information from the day he was born. Champ bonded with us instantly. He has from the get go. Marlene has just been a phone call away with anything we want to know. I am so pleased that we found Rainbow Bridge Cavaliers."

Betty B.

" It was a great experience when it came to adding Benson to our family. We could immediately tell he had been shown nothing but love and proper socialization. The Dudley's truly love their cavaliers and go above and beyond. They breed for quality and it shows!"

Rebekah W.

" Both Willie and RubyAnne were purchased at different times from Marlene & Will Dudley - The experience was the greatest!!! We recieved books with photos of our puppies from the moment they were born. We would highly recommend the Dudley's to anyone that is looking for a quality Puppy. This lady is the best puppy pusher in Southeast Mo. - If you're puppy doesn't say Rainbow on it's butt, then you paid too much!"

Amy & Steve L.

" Meet Liza. The newest addition to our family. During her first 24 hours with us she has enjoyed playing with her new toys, annoying her big sister and brother, snuggling and sleeping! We absolutely adore her!"

Beth T.